26 May 2023

Decred (DCR) Hits Market Capitalization of $248.37 Million

Decred (DCR)
is a PoW/PoS coin that uses the BLAKE256 hashing algorithm. Its launch date was February 8th, 2016. Decreds total supply is 14,973,569 coins. The Reddit community for Decred is https://reddit.com/r/decred and the currencys Github account can be viewed here. Decreds official message board is www.decredmagazine.com. Decreds official Twitter account is @decredproject and its Facebook page is accessible here. The official website for Decred is decred.org.
According to CryptoCompare, Decred is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that emphasizes community input, open governance, and sustainable funding for development. It uses a hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining system to ensure fair distribution and community involvement. Decred stakeholders enforce the blockchains consensus rules, determine the direction of future development, and decide how the projects treasury is used to fund it. Block rewards are split between PoW miners, stakeholders, and the Decred Treasury, with PoS voting being central to governance. Holders can stake DCR to obtain voting tickets, which are randomly called to vote on-chain. 80% of the block reward goes to ticket holders, while the remaining 10% goes to the Decred Treasury. The Decred Constitution outlines guiding principles for the project, subject to amendment through Politeia proposals.
Buying and Selling Decred
It is usually not currently possible to buy alternative cryptocurrencies such as Decred directly using US dollars. Investors seeking to trade Decred should first buy Ethereum or Bitcoin using an exchange that deals in US dollars such as Changelly, GDAX or Coinbase. Investors can then use their newly-acquired Ethereum or Bitcoin to buy Decred using one of the exchanges listed above.

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