26 May 2023

Tax auditors will carry out a special operation in ports in mobilization for payment of bonuses

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05/26/2023 – 2:02 pm


Braslia, 26th Mobilized by the regulation of the payment of the productivity bonus, the tax auditors of the Federal Revenue will carry out a special operation in the country’s ports next Thursday, June 1st. The category is also promoting three blackout days per week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays), which include administrative and customs measures.
like the Broadcast (Grupo Estado’s real-time news system) showed, the April collection report is delayed and has no expected release date.
Sessions of the Federal Revenue Judgment (DRJ) and the Administrative Council of Tax Appeals (Carf) are suspended indefinitely.
The action in the ports is called Operation Zero Risk and will be carried out in the ports of Rio de Janeiro, Itagua, Vitria, Santos and Salvador the category does not rule out new adhesions.
According to the entities representing the auditors, during the operation, the auditors will intensify the customs check, no longer carrying out the current reduced sampling, already carried out due to the low number of civil servants.
The auditors want the regulation of a 2017 law, which deals with the efficiency bonus, which has not occurred so far.
The Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, has already declared himself in favor of the regulation, but the category alleges that there were no advances in the negotiations with the government and, therefore, decided to intensify the mobilization.

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