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Retail Merchant Services

Wired, Bluetooth & Wireless
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All credit cards at

Cost + 0.25% + $0.25

Month-to-Month Rental

No contract month-to-month rental empowering you to upgrade, downgrade, exchange and return your POS Credit & Debit Machines penalty-free. You can also own your Debit & Credit Machine through outright purchase or leasing programs made available to you.


Ingenico Desk5000



Ingenico Move5000 Wi-Fi


Long-Range Wireless

Ingenico Move5000 with SIM card


One-stop Shop for All Your Processing Needs


Merchant Account

All of PBH CANADA’s POS Credit & Debit Machines come with merchant account. Merchant account is needed to process Visa, MasterCard, and Interac Debit transactions.


Interac Debit

Interac Debit processing is integral part of all of our POS Credit & Debit Machines. All of our debit machines are latest generation and EMV chip ready for the utmost in security.


24/7 Customer and Technical Support

Convenient and effective 24/7 Customer and Technical Support, based in the U.S. Go ahead, test it out 1-800-725-1243. If not able to remotely fix the terminal, then a replacement terminal is sent overnight.


Cost+ Pricing for All – BIG and small

Big or small, we offer fairness for all. Cost+ Pricing is the most transparent pricing of all. Formerly, was only available to largest merchants, chain stores, corporations. Now, we brought it to Canada to serve all — BIG and small. It offers significant cost savings and transparency.


Daily Bank Deposits – FREE

Free daily bank deposits. Your money in your bank account the following business day. We are bank-neutral, be you with a bank or a local credit union, we welcome all. Keep your current bank account.

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